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We know seasonal and locally sourced produce tastes better, which is why we rotate the fresh fruit in our corporate boxes according to what’s in season. And we’re happy to report that you can expect to see an abundance of vibrant and flavourful winter fruit in your office deliveries!

The quintessential winter fruits including apples, pears and mandarins are all at their best right now. With Beurre Bosc and Packham pear varieties as well as Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples making an appearance in office fruit boxes. And get your citrus fix during the workday (and a big boost of Vitamin C!) with Imperial, Clementine and Afourer mandarins on rotation.

Due to the cooler growing conditions, you may notice a slight change to the look of the bananas in your fruit deliveries. Don’t forget, banana quality is more than skin-deep, so whilst the current season bananas may look a little dull in the yellow department, they still taste delicious and will last just as long.

It’s also peak season for strawberries grown around the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. To add strawberries as a preference item to your Fruit Box order, simply email the team to update your order.

Find out what’s in season this winter.

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