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When it comes to office bread, we’re in the dough! You can choose from a wide range of brands and breads, including traditional white, wholemeal, grain, rye and even gluten-free, so there’s something for everyone in your office. Did you know that wholegrain bread is a rich source of carbs, protein, fibre and is low GI? This nutritional powerhouse is great for brekkie or lunchtime sandwiches at work, as the slow release of energy keeps you full for longer. According to this ABC News article, diets high in wholegrains are linked to a reduced risk of other health conditions. It’s also good news if you like soy and linseed bread varieties as they contain good omega-3 fats, which is linked to good cardiovascular health.

Browse our extensive range of office bread including multigrain varieties from Abbotts, Burgen, Helga’s and Sunblest. Stock up on other products such as cereals and yogurts so your staff can whip up an easy brekkie or lunch at work. And why not help them beat the dreaded afternoon slump with our healthy snacks and premium coffee range!

It’s easy to add bread and other products to your existing fruit and milk order, simply email our Customer Service team or call them on 1300 766 760 to update your order.

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