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We take the hard work out of keeping your office tearoom fridge full with our premium milk delivery service. Never run out of fresh milk again – proudly sourced from the best Australian-owned dairy and non-dairy brands across the country, supporting local dairies in your state.
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The best corporate milk delivery service

Choose from our diverse range of fresh dairy, plant-based, and lactose-free milk that caters to every staff preference and dietary need. We have the morning barista-quality coffees and afternoon tea breaks sorted, as well as butter, margarine, and yoghurt to fill the tearoom fridge with your team’s favourites.

Fresh dairy milk

With local buying and packing in all major cities, we support local dairy farmers in each state. Your staff will enjoy the freshest dairy from Australian-owned milk brands; Pura in Victoria and South Australia, Dairy Farmers in New South Wales and Queensland, and Masters in Perth. We offer quality service including a guaranteed minimum 8-day shelf life, and delivery direct to your office fridge.

Plant-based milk

We deliver the finest Australian-grown plant milk selection from Vitasoy, PureHarvest, and MilkLab straight to your office tearoom. Your staff will love our soy, oat, and almond milk varieties, including premium, barista-quality options – ensuring a premium plant-based experience for all the non-dairy drinkers in your office.

Lactose-free milk

Your lactose-intolerant staff and clients no longer have to miss out on those office-critical afternoon teas and barista-style coffees thanks to the goodness of our lactose-free, 100% Australian real dairy milk options from Zymil and Liddells.

Butter & margarine

Add to the flavour with our creamy butter or perfect margarine options, ideal for your staff’s morning toast and lunchtime sandwiches. These tasty and versatile additions to your office fridge can be conveniently delivered with your milk order.


Enjoy even more Australian dairy goodness in your office with our versatile yoghurt options – a healthy, creamy delight for your staff’s breakfast, morning, and afternoon tea. It’s the perfect wholesome and delicious accompaniment to your office milk delivery.

Why choose our milk delivery service?

Our flexibility

  • Free^ and frequent office delivery to multiple sites, floors, and departments
  • Change your order up to 12pm the day before delivery#
  • We can deliver directly to your tearoom fridge to save you the hassle
  • Competitive pricing and volume discounts
  • Customise your order with dairy and non-dairy milk varieties, butter, yoghurt, and more

Our service

  • We’ll start you on the perfect quantity and give you the flexibility to adjust as you need
  • Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Gold Coast
  • No lock-in contracts and a low minimum order of just 6 litres per drop point
  • Order, invoicing, and user management all in one online platform to save you time
  • All of our milk has a minimum 8-day shelf life

Our company

  • We’ve been delivering fresh milk to Australian businesses for over 15 years
  • Quality Australian-owned and farmed milk that supports local agriculture in each state
  • Our Australian-wide supply chain ensures quality control and low food miles
  • HACCP Certification guaranteeing the highest standards from sourcing through to delivery to your workplace
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Take control of your tearoom deliveries with Fruit Box Connect

Managing your tearoom deliveries has never been easier with our online platform Fruit Box Connect. Add new users, view and pay invoices, and control your recurring orders. Plus, shop our entire tearoom range with the click of a button.

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Frequently asked questions

Where do you source your milk?

At The Fruit Box Group, our milk offerings range from full cream to dairy-free milk; sourced from Australian-owned brands. Our office milk delivery services provide an array of high-quality milk options, including plant-based and lactose-free varieties.

Being HACCP certified ensures that our products meet a rigorous quality control checking process from the moment our produce leaves the farms until they are delivered to your office in our refrigerated fleet of vans. We’re supporting local farmers and contributing to a healthier local economy. When it comes to milk delivery to offices, we deliver freshness, quality, flexibility, and convenience.

How do you ensure the freshness of the milk?

All our fresh milk has a minimum 8-day shelf life, so your office can enjoy it fresh until your next delivery.

Ensuring freshness is a top priority of our office milk delivery service. We maintain a streamlined process that reduces the time from the producer to your office. The milk is transported under strict temperature-controlled conditions and undergoes rigorous quality checks, assuring that it remains fresh, healthy, and ready to be enjoyed.

Are there any minimum order requirements or delivery fees for office milk delivery?

Our minimum order for milk is 6 litres per order. All customers receiving less than 9 litres of milk delivered to a single delivery location will incur a delivery fee of $7.50. Any customers with multiple drop points within one location, with a delivery point receiving less than 9 litres of milk, will incur a service fee of $3.50.

Which cities do you offer office milk delivery in?

The Fruit Box Group proudly offers milk delivery to offices across the country, thanks to our local producers and our national distribution centres. We offer office milk delivery in the following cities:


We also deliver to Gold Coast and Wollongong.

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Milk Delivery To Offices: The Fruit Box Group Difference

The Fruit Box Group dedicated to offering top-notch milk delivery to offices across Australia.

Here’s why our office milk delivery service stands out:


We take pride in our reliable delivery service, ensuring you never have to worry about running out of milk at the office. Our flexible delivery schedules, whether it’s daily, weekly, or fortnightly, are tailored to meet the needs of your business.


We love supplying Australian businesses with the best brands available. That includes fresh dairy, lactose-free and plant-based milk. All our premium milk comes from trusted local dairies, giving you peace of mind knowing your office is supplied with the freshest milk available.


In today’s busy working environment, finding time for basic office supplies like milk can be a challenge. As workplace fruit and milk delivery experts, our office milk delivery service is designed to take this worry off your shoulders. Save time on grocery runs and keep your focus where it matters – on business.


We offer a range of milk products to cater to various dietary requirements and preferences, including full cream, light, long-life lactose-free, and plant-based alternatives like soy, almond and oat milk.

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