Workplace fruit delivery
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What’s in the box?

Our workplace fruit delivery service has been helping businesses keep staff happy and healthy since 2001. If you want your office to be more fruitful too, think inside the box and treat your staff to premium quality fruit as a healthy office snack. Our fruit is hand-picked and sourced from local suppliers, so it’s always fresh. And because we provide fruit that’s in season, you can be sure you’re getting the best available, beating the supermarket stuff every time.

Why not give us a try? Get the freshest fruit or milk delivered to your workplace and for a limited time get 50% off your first 2 weeks of fruit!*

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How does it work?

Crunch the numbers

Crunch the numbers

Calculate how much fruit you want to order. Two to three pieces a week per employee is a good guide.

Pick your fruit

Pick your fruit

Select the fruit you want, or leave it to us to create a mix of the freshest seasonal fruit available.

Place your order

Place your order

Call 1300 766 760 to discuss the best delivery days for you, frequency and payment preferences.


We deliver

We deliver

We deliver your fresh fruit right to your doorstep, your department or even your kitchen.


What's in season?

We love it when new fruit comes into season. Some fruits are quick out of the blocks and come into season early, while others peak a little later than expected. Click on the button below to find out what fruits are at their best and in plentiful supply.

Season's best

Add to your order

You can add bread, nuts, veggie snacks and coffee to your fruit order. And don’t forget we also deliver fresh locally sourced milk and other chilled products too.
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National delivery

We are Australia’s leading national fruit supplier with local buying and packing in every major city. We pride ourselves on being on time, every time.

Corporate Gifting

With Christmas just around the corner, our new selection of hampers make the ideal gift for that special client, employee or supplier.