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From Carrot Fritters, Shephard’s Pie to Bread & Butter Pudding, our charity The One Box has developed a recipe bank with simple and nourishing recipes to get you cooking up a storm.  Launched in 2017, The One Box provides families experiencing hardship with a weekly box of fresh produce and staples.

“The word that comes to my mind … is hope. [The One Box is] providing hope because I’m certain a number of these families have been offered different things over a period of time….. and it’s short term. It’s only for a set time, and then they’ve got to hop over the next hole and try and find, how do we get through this week? And if we give them the guarantee we are there for you every week, this is ongoing, this doesn’t finish just because of COVID-19. That gives them assurance, that gives them hope, that gives them stability. And that gives them, as I said before, a connection point where they can get in the car, drive a few minutes down the road and connect with people that they know that they’re familiar with.

Coordinator, Victorian Charity

All our recipes use ingredients from the boxes to help inspire families in the kitchen. This delicious Apple, Carrot & Ginger loaf is a ‘spiced-up’ version of the humble carrot cake and was developed exclusively for The One Box recipe bank by dietician Julia Bazan.

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