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Thank you to the Herald Sun for shedding light on our charity The One Box!

With food insecurity increasing across Australia, we’re proud to offer our innovative and nutrition-focused fresh food relief model. which means that for every $1 dollar donated, almost $2 is received in the hands of recipient families. This nearly double value-add is achieved by drawing on the resources, supply chain and expertise of The Fruit Box Group. Beyond the financial impacts and increasing practical access to fresh and nutritious staples, The program plays a critical role in bridging barriers and building stronger connections between recipient families and their communities. The impact of The One Box has been verified by our research partners at Monash University and we’re excited to announce the release of the first research report for the program. Reimagining Fresh Food Relief in Australia outlines the findings from Monash University’s independent, year-long study to evaluate the impact of our food relief program.

As one of the few charities able to consistently offer fresh, high-quality produce and staples to those accessing our programs, The One Box is fresh, efficient and much needed.

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