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We can smell spring! Or maybe it’s the fragrant spring fruit filling our office fruit boxes. See what’s in season from September to November so you can start enticing everyone back to the office.

You can expect a combination of Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Sundowner apples filling your fruit boxes weekly along with sweet Packham and Beurre Bosc pears, which make the perfect 3pm snack for when those sweet cravings hit. Don’t fret because citrus isn’t going anywhere. Vitamin C rich Navel oranges are here, and there will be plenty of mandarin varieties to enjoy too.

As the weather starts to improve, growing conditions will also improve, and our bananas will start to gain back that yellow colour we’re all accustomed to.

It’s also peak season for nutrient-rich strawberries grown around Sunshine Coast, Queensland. You can add strawberries as a preference item to your fruit order; simply email the team to update your order.

Find out what’s in season this spring.

If you haven’t experienced our deliveries of fresh, premium quality, seasonal fruit in your office yet, why not give us a try with no lock-in contracts and 50% off for your first two weeks!* Our fruit boxes can flex to your staff numbers and preferences, and be changed depending on your weekly needs. We think there’s no better way to sweeten the deal for employees returning to the office. Get a quote today.


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