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With R U OK? Day approaching next month, it’s time we start the conversation early and make a conscious effort to check in with staff and colleagues regularly.

Thursday, 14 September is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that any day is the day to ask, ‘Are you OK?’ We believe happy and healthy employees are the backbone of every successful business which is why we’ve compiled a list of resources and activities designed to show your appreciation and boost team morale throughout the year.

How to ask R U OK? at Work

Effectively communicating your thoughts while being respectful and sensitive to someone’s feelings is essential in building a R U OK? culture in the workplace. Start a conversation by following the 4-step process which begins with asking the all-important question R U OK? and listening with an open mind. Encourage action and offer support by asking questions like “How can I help” or “What would help take the pressure off?” and scheduling regular check-ins with your colleague.

Tips for Supporting Neurodivergent Friends and Colleagues

It is important to be mindful that everyone has a different way of processing information, especially when mental health is concerned. Being aware of who you are chatting with and thinking about the best way to make them feel heard and supported underpins effective communication. If the person is neurodivergent, get a sense of how they like to communicate and mirror that style, it could be through emails or in-person conversations. Using a calm, non-judgmental approach is key to ensuring your colleague feels comfortable sharing what may be impacting them. If you are unsure about having a conversation with your neurodivergent friends, family and colleagues, these tips can help you offer meaningful support to those in need.

Activities to Make Your Staff Feel Appreciated

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, be it scheduling coffee catch-ups or offering nutritious snack options to energise your employees in the office. Bring your office together by hosting a workplace lunch or morning tea. This not only expresses gratitude but creates a sense of belonging and allows employees to get to know each other on a deeper level. Organising workshops promoting employee wellbeing and mental health is another way to make your staff feel supported. You can even register your event with R U OK? Day, giving you access to informative posters, presentations and resources.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help you with breakfast, morning tea or staff gifting ideas this R U OK? Day.

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