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We know that milk in the fridge and fruit in the office fruit bowl can improve productivity and encourage healthy choices in the workplace, and it’s also important to prioritise your workplace wellbeing and mental health at work. By practicing mindfulness you’ll be better equipped at not only recognising workplace stressors and distractions but handling them in healthier ways.

Being mindful at work — being fully present and consciously focused on the task at hand, free from distractions or judgment, and with a soft and open mind — can be hugely beneficial and transformative. What’s more, research shows that mindfulness has a variety of benefits — many of which can positively impact an individual’s job performance.

This article from Headspace is a great one to share with your colleagues as it provides meaningful strategies to help incorporate mindfulness into your workplace wellbeing routine. We love this tip on the importance of actively listening to colleagues and clients:

Actively listening. Being fully present and mindful of what others are saying throughout the workday, instead of just automatically nodding as you wait for your turn to talk. You’ll benefit from learning to quiet the internal chatter in your head and creating space and openness to process what your coworkers are trying to tell you. And you may even strengthen your relationships with people at work!


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