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Our charity, The One Box turns 5 years old this month!

The Founder and CEO of The Fruit Box Group & The One Box, Martin Halphen reflects on the journey of our fresh food relief charity.

“In May 2017, The Fruit Box Group launched a pilot community program in Victoria where we donated boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and bread to young families in need. Each box has a retail value of approximately $25.

Today 5 years later, The One Box is a public charity that supports 2,500 families ongoing with weekly access to fresh produce which will equate to over 100,000 boxes for the calendar year. Our recipients are Australia wide.

This initiative is all about dignified food relief and week to week connection. We passionately believe that by keeping in contact with our recipients, there is a better chance that they will be guided towards the social services they may need.

No doubt, we are both proud and privileged to be able to do what we do. But behind the momentum and growth of this program, sadly there is need.

As much as you do, you just want to do more. There is no better bottom-line result than being part of building a foundation of community and compassion.

This month marks our 5-year anniversary and whilst we reflect on what has been achieved, more importantly, we continue to be driven by what else we can do.

Thank you to everyone that has supported and inspired us at The One Box. We will keep on doing what we do, one box at a time.”

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