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With children getting back to school for 2023, our charity The One Box is back up and running, delivering thousands of fresh food relief boxes to households in need across Australia.

With children consuming 30% of their daily food intake at school, a lot of what they eat comes from the contents of their lunch boxes. The food consumed at school significantly shapes their ability to learn and grow, which is why Nutrition Australia launched the initiative of Healthy Lunchbox Week to inspire families to create healthy and enjoyable lunchboxes for their children.

Prior to receiving The One Box, many carers and parents suffering from food insecurity would send their children to school without breakfast or rely on schools for emergency lunches. Having joined the program, they are now reporting on the positive influence that receiving weekly fresh produce has on their ability to prepare balanced and nutritious lunch boxes to help their children thrive at school.

“It means the kids have fruit in their lunchboxes, which they wouldn’t always be getting. So, that’s made a huge difference. I’m just so glad that it [The One Box] is fresh food, because you don’t realise how much better it is until you’ve had it.”
– Mum of 2, VIC

A $60 donation can support a household with fresh produce and staples for the entire month, nurturing the growth and wellbeing of their children. Connect with us if you would like to donate or discuss how we can tackle food insecurity together.

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