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Today 1 June marks the celebration of World Milk Day, a day dedicated to recognising the efforts of millions of farmers who provide us with udderly delicious milk throughout the year.

We take pride in partnering with trusted Australian-owned brands including Pura, Dairy Farmers, Masters, Vitasoy and PureHarvest, who represent generations of local farmers and families producing world-class Australian milk. Working with such iconic brands allows us to deliver quality milk to you, and support the growth of our milk industry and its farming communities.

Whether you’re looking for creamy dairy milk to add to your cereal or barista oat, almond or soy milk to make cafe-style coffee at work, we have the milk for you. We consider ourselves office milk experts and can help you calculate the perfect amount of milk to suit your company’s needs. With a minimum 8-day shelf life, flexibility to adjust your order on a weekly basis via our online Milk Portal, and a national delivery footprint, you’ll never run out of milk again. We can even unpack, place and manage stock in your fridge.

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