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As you know fruit availbility is in the lap of the gods. You may find some fruits come into season early, others might drag their heels and be at their best a little later than usual. We make sure you get the season’s best fruit so you have delicious healthy snacks every week.

Check out what’s at its best right now. If you’d like to add more of these seasonal beauties to your order, just give us a call on 1300 766 760.

Fruit Market Report – Winter 2019

New season apples are in full swing and a combination of either Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious and Granny Smith will be available.

Cold overnight temperatures in the banana growing regions are now impacting the aesthetic appearance of the bananas. We start to see the size of the bananas getting smaller and signs of under peel chill. You may also notice the bananas have a dull exterior but this has no impact on the flavour or quality of the fruit.

This year’s mandarin crops are plentiful. There will be a number of varieties available throughout this period. Delicious Imperials, Clementines and Afourers are a taste of what you will see during the cooler months.

The ‘all-rounder’ brown Beurre Bosc and the ‘classic’ green Packham pears are at their best and will be available throughout the winter months.

The Queensland strawberry season is starting to kick in and gain momentum so the strawberries are looking and tasting beautiful.

Navel oranges, characterised by their rich orange colour and tangy sweet flavour will be available during the winter months.

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