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As you know fruit availbility is in the lap of the gods. You may find some fruits come into season early, others might drag their heels and be at their best a little later than usual. We make sure you get the season’s best fruit so you have delicious healthy snacks every week.

Check out what’s at its best right now. If you’d like to add more of these seasonal beauties to your order, just give us a call on 1300 766 760.

Fruit Market Report – Summer 2019

Pink Lady and Granny Smith will feature this summer and you can expect to see Royal Gala apples make an appearance in fruit boxes from January.

Summer months signals the return of bright yellow bananas from Queensland.

Stone fruits are in abundance and nectarines, peaches and plums will all be available throughout the season.

The ‘classic’ green Packham pears will be replaced by Williams pears in early January and Beurre Bosc will also be on rotation in your boxes.

The Queensland strawberry season has kicked off and strawberries are looking and tasting beautiful.

Valencia oranges also known as the summer oranges will be in great supply this summer. Don’t worry if you see a tinge of green on Valencia oranges—it doesn’t mean that the fruit is unripe. Because Valencia oranges grow in the tropical conditions, they produce more chlorophyll to protect the fruit from the harsh summer sun.

Conditions have been ideal for growing our Aussie grapes. Green and crimson red seedless bags of grapes will be available towards the end of January.

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