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As you know fruit availbility is in the lap of the gods. You may find some fruits come into season early, others might drag their heels and be at their best a little later than usual. We make sure you get the season’s best fruit so you have delicious healthy snacks every week.

Check out what’s at its best right now. If you’d like to add more of these seasonal beauties to your order, just give us a call on 1300 766 760.

Fruit Market Report – Summer 2019

Pink Lady is the main red eating apple with Granny Smith available for preferences. New season apples will commence towards the end of January with the Royal Gala. Other varieties will harvest over February and beyond.

Tropical conditions during the summer period are conducive to healthy banana growth. Bananas will be in good supply over this period.

Delicious red strawberries are now available from our southern producers. They are looking beautiful and taste delicous. Strawberries are available to add to your fruit box as a preference item. Add them to your order and spoil your office crew.

The Valencia Orange will be available throughout the summer seasons. They often have a green tinge to them, which makes them appear to be unripe. Did you know that the green tinge is a defense mechanism designed to protect the inside of the orange from the harsh summer sun.

A green variety of pears will be available throughout the Summer. The Packham Pears will be replaced by William Pears in early January and the tasty brown variety, Beurre Bosc will also be available in your office fruit box.

Summer is all about Stone fruit. Nectarines, Peaches and Plums will all be available throughout the season. There will be a mixture of white & yellow flesh varieties depending on availability and best eating.

Green seedless grapes will be available towards the end of January. Shortly after that we will see the Red Seedless variety also become available. Have you tried freezing grapes – they are a tasty little treat!

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