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As you know fruit availability is in the lap of the gods. You may find some fruits come into season early, others might drag their heels and be at their best a little later than usual. We make sure you get the season’s best fruit so you have delicious healthy snacks every week.

Check out what’s at its best right now. If you’d like to add more of these seasonal beauties to your order, just give us a call on 1300 766 760.

Fruit Market Report – Autumn 2021

Royal Gala apples have hit the markets with Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Sundowner and Fuji varieties available over the season.

Due to Cyclone Niran impacting banana crops in Far North Queensland, you may notice a reduction of bananas in your weekly fruit box. The cyclone has also impacted the appearance of bananas, however as fruit quality is more than skin-deep, your bananas will still taste delicious!

Sweet Beurre Bosc and flavourful Packham pear varieties will filling your office fruit boxes from March to May.

Navel oranges will be available later in the season.

As the cooler weather hits our southern crops, Queensland will start to provide us with strawberry supply just after Easter.

Thompson green seedless and crimson red seedless grapes will be available during this period.

Nectarines and peaches will finish towards the end of March. Plums will continue into April as we count down the availability of Queensland Imperial mandarins.

Mandarins will be on rotation in office fruit boxes from mid-April.

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