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As an Australian-owned and operated business, we are committed to supporting the communities around us. With the cost of living impacting more Australians than before – we proudly support our fresh food relief charity, The One Box, to provide fresh nutritious food to more than 2,500 households in need, each week of the school year.

We believe food insecurity is a complex problem that requires the collaborative efforts of businesses and community organisations to help reach more families experiencing hardship. Leading by example, Bank First, a business invested in its people, partners with The One Box to build brighter futures for children across Australia.

Via the Bank First Community Fund, Bank First aims to partner with like-minded individuals, charities, and organisations to make a meaningful impact in its community. Recognising the alignment of missions with The One Box, a corporate partnership was formed in 2020 to reach more families. Four years on, this relationship continues to thrive today.

Partnership Impact

As a bank founded by teachers, Bank First understands the pivotal role education plays in shaping communities, with nourishing young minds at the centre of creating a meaningful impact.

Over four years, The One Box and Bank First have partnered to donate over 3,800 fresh food boxes to families experiencing hardship. Together with partners like Bank First, we’re able to provide recipients with dignified, reliable and regular access to fresh food which has fundamental benefits beyond financial and nutritional wellbeing, including:

  • Improved academic performance: With consistent access to healthy meals, we’re fostering better academic outcomes for students
  • Enhanced attendance and social wellbeing: Hunger shouldn’t hinder school attendance and participation. By addressing food insecurity, we’re ensuring students are present and engaged in their learning and no longer feel a sense of embarrassment from their peers
  • Support for educators: Our collaboration also supports educators, who are crucial in nurturing students’ wellbeing. By providing resources to families in need, we’re also empowering teachers to focus on teaching

“Since receiving The One Box, the kids haven’t gone to school with no lunch, or having to have emergency lunch from the school, so that’s a big help.”

– Program Beneficiary

“As an organisation deeply embedded in the education and health communities, we have a profound alignment in values with The One Box. Recognising the critical link between food security and wellbeing, we acknowledge the invaluable role played by The One Box in providing essential produce, particularly in educational and healthcare settings.

Our staff love getting involved – be it spreading the word through the workplace or their own communities. They take pride in knowing their involvement contributes to making a difference in the lives of families experiencing food insecurity. Bank First and our staff are proud to partner with The One Box in ensuring access to nutritious food, contributing to overall health outcomes for those in need.”

– Bank First

The One Box’s successful and ongoing partnership with Bank First is a testament to the power of like-minded businesses coming together for social good. Together, they are making a difference in the lives of those in need and fostering a culture of compassion and support within our community.

Join The One Box Journey

We’re always open to working with businesses who, like us, believe in disrupting the fresh food relief sector for the better. With your support and involvement, The One Box can scale its efforts to deliver over 120,000 fresh food boxes in 2024.

Whether you become a corporate donor or introduce workplace giving to boost employee engagement whilst allowing staff the opportunity to support an innovative cause – your involvement can go a long way. Learn more about your business can get involved today.

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