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Due to cooler growing conditions, you may notice a slight change in the look of the bananas in your weekly office fruit boxes.

Do not fret because banana quality is more than skin-deep, especially when we source them from the best of Queensland farms. So while the season’s bananas may look a little dull in the yellow department and have more external markings and speckling than usual – rest assured they taste just as good! As the weather begins to warm up again, your bananas will start to appear brighter in colour.

Yellow or not, these bananas are rich in energy-boosting carbohydrates, folate for a healthy mind and vitamin C, making them the perfect office snack. Delicious as is, you can also add them on top of our morning office toast or pair them with nuts and flavoured yoghurt for an afternoon treat.

We take pride in supporting our Australian farmers during these challenging times and appreciate your understanding.

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