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At The Fruit Box Group, we take immense pride in supporting our charity The One Box to help alleviate food insecurity across Australia. And so, we’re pleased to announce the release of The One Box’s new research reportConnecting Australian Communities Through Dignified Food Relief.

Developed in partnership with Monash Business School, this report covers the growing food insecurity problem in Australia and the necessity of fresh food relief organisations like The One Box, even more so in these trying times.

The research overwhelmingly identifies that almost two-thirds of households with primary school-aged children are experiencing varying levels of food insecurity.

Interviews with program coordinators and recipients proved the need for fresh food relief extends beyond financial or nutritional benefits, largely identifying community connections, dignity and family wellbeing as the most discussed benefits of the program.

The need for fresh food relief is unmistakable, and we’re proud to be able to convert each $1 donation to The One Box into almost $2 of fresh food in the hands of recipients. Together with Monash Business School, The One Box is committed to building a more complete understanding of the ways that The One Box impacts the diverse, resilient and resourceful families and communities that access our programs.

Click here to read the full research report.

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