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Fruit basket delivery Sydney

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Corporate fruit delivery Sydney

If you’re looking for a workplace fruit delivery service run by experts, look no further than Australia’s leading provider.

At The Fruit Box Group, we understand the significance of nutritious snacks in the workplace. Healthy snacks and meals are more than just fuel – they boost productivity, energy, and morale among employees. With our fresh and reliable fruit basket delivery in Sydney, Australia, we ensure the freshest fruit is readily available in your office, supporting a healthier and more productive work environment.

We buy and pack locally in every major city, so you can be sure that your fruit will be fresh and delicious. We also offer a variety of other workplace essentials, including an assortment of milk, coffee, nuts, and more. Whether you need fruit box delivery in Sydney (or any other major city in Australia) daily or weekly, we will be there to meet your needs. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our services!

When it comes to workplace fruit delivery in Sydney, we’re the leaders

We’ve got local buying and packing down to a science, and we work hard to set you up for a productive day! Whether you need fruit, milk, or other essentials delivered to your office, we’ve got you covered.

We deliver fruit daily to the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas. Every weekday, our vans plot a course across the city, negotiating one-way streets, bus clearways, and the Pitt Street Mall on their delivery routes. And because we deliver Monday to Friday, you can split your order across the week for guaranteed freshness.

It won’t take our friendly drivers long to know if you’d prefer your fruit box delivery in Sydney to be delivered to the reception or directly to your office kitchen to save your back. And thanks to our flexible ordering, you can adjust your office delivery when you need to.

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Taste the difference of quality fruit basket delivery Sydney

Choosing The Fruit Box Group for your fruit delivery means choosing the freshness and flavours of the best fruit Sydney has to offer. With us, every fruit basket is a journey from local markets to your corporate kitchen. Remember, with The Fruit Box Group, you’re not just buying fruit; you’re investing in quality, supporting local communities, and establishing healthy habits for your entire team. Experience the ease and convenience of fresh fruit delivery with The Fruit Box Group today.

Our dedication goes beyond delivering delicious fruit. We’re also committed to supporting local agriculture. By sourcing from local farmers and suppliers whenever possible, we contribute to a healthier local economy and minimise our carbon footprint. Every fruit basket you order helps to support local businesses in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

With a strong focus on local sourcing and a seamless delivery system, we are your go-to solution for fruit basket delivery Sydney-wide.

Australia’s national office delivery service


Unit 5, 1 Burma Road,
Pooraka SA 5095


47-49 Rai Drive,
Crestmead QLD 4132


56-62 Bakehouse Rd,
Kensington VIC 3031


Unit 2, 156-158 Bannister Rd,
Canning Vale WA 6155


Unit 9, 4-6 Junction St,
Auburn NSW 2144

Other areas we service

In addition to fruit basket delivery in Sydney, we offer fruit delivery to a range of other locations across Australia. Check out the list below to find out if you can get fruit delivered today:

Enquire now for more information about our fruit delivery services Australia-wide.

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Take control of your tearoom deliveries with Fruit Box Connect

Managing your tearoom deliveries has never been easier with our online platform Fruit Box Connect. Add new users, view and pay invoices, and control your recurring orders. Plus, shop our entire tearoom range with the click of a button.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of fruit can I order?

Here at The Fruit Box Group, we pride ourselves on our range of fresh fruit. As we source locally where possible, we ensure your fruit boxes are filled with the best in-season fruit available. We supply all the office favourites like apples, oranges and bananas but you can also add preference items such as avocados, berries, snacking vegies and more.

Do you deliver to offices?

Yes, we do! We provide fruit basket delivery in Sydney, Australia for businesses ranging from small businesses to large corporations. With 20+ years of experience, our office fruit delivery service is an ideal solution to promote healthy snacking and boost employee morale.

What’s the fruit basket delivery Sydney process?

Our delivery process is designed to be efficient and reliable. Once you place your order, our team of dedicated drivers work through the night to ensure your office fruit basket is delivered straight to doorstep. We make it a priority to handle each fruit order with the utmost care, preserving its freshness until it reaches you.

Where do you source your fruit from?

At The Fruit Box Group, we’re proud to source our fruit from local farmers right here in NSW wherever possible. By doing so, we can promise fresh and high-quality fruit basket delivery Sydney, always.

Supporting local agriculture isn’t just about securing the freshest produce – it’s also about giving back to our community. When you choose The Fruit Box Group, your purchases directly benefit our Australian farmers and help boost local economy.

What type of milk do you supply?

Nothing makes us happier than supplying the top brands to businesses all around Australia. We deliver Pura milk in Victoria and South Australia, Dairy Farmers’ milk in New South Wales and Queensland, and Master’s milk in Western Australia. All of these are reputable, premium, Australian-owned brands that we are confident our clients will adore. All of our milk is obtained from regional dairies in each state because we are dedicated to assisting Australian dairy farmers.

Full cream, light, and extra light bottles are available in 1 and 2-litre sizes. Additionally, our milk is of the greatest quality for foaming and blending with coffee because it is permeate-free and low in lipase. We also provide soy, almond, oat, and lactose-free milk for people who are vegan or want plant-based milk.

What are the sustainability practices involved in your fruit basket delivery Sydney?

At The Fruit Box Group, we care about being green. That’s why all of our boxes are recyclable and made from approximately 76% recycled materials. If you’re feeling extra green, you can always reuse the box for your own purposes. Our fruit basket delivery in Sydney, Australia will allow you to feel good about having fruit delivered to your workspace knowing you are getting quality produce packed in sustainable packaging.

Are there any minimum order requirements or delivery fees to get fruit basket delivery in Sydney, Australia?

Our minimum order for fruit is 30 pieces per box. There are no delivery fees for fruit orders.

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