Fresh Fruit Delivery Canberra

The Fruit Box Group’s fresh fruit delivery in Canberra is the perfect way to brighten up your office and promote healthy snacking habits. Our locally-sourced and high-quality fruit is delivered straight to your workplace, making it easy for your employees to access a nutritious snack. Plus, with our flexible purchasing options, you can easily adjust your order to suit your needs. 

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Fruit Box Delivery Canberra

Our fruit delivery vans will make sure you’re covered in the city of Canberra! At the start of every week (Mondays – Wednesdays) we’ll be driving around the nation’s capital to bring you the freshest fruit. Our friendly delivery guys will remember exactly where you want your box placed, whether it’s at the reception or straight to the kitchen. We’ve got your back!


About Our Fresh Fruit Delivery Canberra

At The Fruit Box Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the freshest and most delicious fresh fruit to your workplace in Canberra. Our range of locally sourced fruit is updated regularly to ensure you only receive the best seasonal produce, and our commitment to sourcing locally means you’re not only getting the highest quality fruit, but also supporting local farmers and producers. Check out our website to see the variety of fruit we offer and stay up to date with our latest seasonal selections. Don’t miss out on the goodness – order your fruit box delivery now!


Get milk & other chilled products
delivered to your workplace through
our Canberra fruit delivery service

At The Fruit Box Group, we are committed to providing you with convenient and reliable milk delivery services. Our locally sourced milk options include a variety of chilled products like yoghurt, butter, cream, flavoured milk, and mineral water, giving you a complete dairy solution. With our milk delivery services, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and worrying about low stock levels. Enjoy a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace with The Fruit Box Group’s workplace milk delivery services.

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Other Areas We Service

In addition to fruit box delivery in Canberra, The Fruit Box Group offers fruit delivery services to a range of other locations throughout Australia. Browse the list below to find out if we can deliver fresh fruit to your area today.

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Fruit delivery Perth

Fresh fruit delivery Adelaide

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Fruit delivery Geelong

Looking to provide your team with healthier snacking options? Contact us today to learn more about our Canberra fruit delivery service and how we can help fuel your employees’ productivity throughout the day, wherever you are located in Australia.

Fresh Fruit Delivery Canberra FAQ
  • Q: Do I have flexibility with my fruit box delivery in Canberra?

    We believe that every workplace has different needs when it comes to fresh fruit delivery. That’s why we offer complete flexibility in terms of quantities, box sizes, order frequency, and even fruit preferences. Our state-of-the-art software and systems make it easy for you to tailor your order exactly to your staff’s tastes and needs, with a minimum order of just 30 pieces of fruit. Plus, our website provides all the information you need to make informed choices about your fruit selection, from typical and seasonal options to the latest updates on what’s in season. Contact us today to find out how we can provide the perfect Canberra fruit delivery solution for your workplace.

  • Q: What type of packaging do you use?

    Our aim at The Fruit Box Group is to be environmentally conscious, so we’ve made sure our delivery process is as sustainable as possible. Our deliveries come in collapsible cardboard boxes that are not only recyclable but they’re also made from 76% recycled materials. Plus, we offer a hassle-free recycling service, so you can either keep the boxes or leave them out for us to collect and recycle. And if we can access your workplace before business hours, we’ll make sure to deliver your milk directly to the fridge for added convenience.