The One Box

Launched in 2017, our charity, The One Box provides families experiencing hardship with a weekly box of fresh produce and bread throughout the school year. Each week, the team at The Fruit Box Group hand packs locally sourced, high-quality fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread. Families collect their boxes from local community organisations and schools across Australia.

In 2023, The One Box aims to support upwards of 2,500 households across Australia with ongoing access to high-quality produce, equating to over 100,000 fresh food boxes. It partners with more than 100 schools, charities, and community organisations to help alleviate food insecurity across the country.


Why is The One Box different?

By leveraging off existing resources and the proven expertise of The Fruit Box Group, the program helps to alleviate food insecurity in Australia that delivers maximum value to the community in a dignified way. The One Box model is fresh, efficient and much needed.

The impact of The One Box has been verified by our research partners at Monash Business School and we’re excited to announce the release of the latest research report for the program. Connecting Australian Communities Through Dignified Food Relief outlines the findings from Monash University’s independent studies to evaluate the impact of our food relief program.

One of the key findings is that for each $1 donation, almost $2 worth of fresh food is received in the hands of recipients. This value-add of nearly double is driven by The One Box being able to draw on the expertise, resources and supply chain of The Fruit Box Group. The report also proves that consistent, reliable fresh food relief has fundamental benefits beyond financial or nutritional benefits – building community connection and trust, inclusion and dignity, and greater family wellbeing.

2022 Research Report2022 Annual Report

Become a Corporate Partner

Without the dedication and commitment of our community and corporate partners, The One Box would not reach the families that need it.

Our team are always open to working with corporate partners who, like us, recognise the huge potential to make a difference in the food relief sector. If you would like to chat about working together, or support our charity in other exciting and meaningful ways, contact us to start a conversation.

Become a Corporate Partner

Dignified and Reliable Access to Nutritious Food

It is heart-warming to receive feedback from our partners and beneficiaries about The One Box and the impact of the program.